InterView can be used to visualize traffic streams on an intersection. The application is in active development, and therefor is not yet fully complete. Currently, a beta version is available for evaluation purposes; this version is not meant for use in projects or reports.


The application InterView in its current form offers the following functionality:

  • Display traffic streams for an intersection with a maximum of 4 arms
  • Configurable display: intesities, arm angles, breadth of streams, distance between in- and outgoing streams, length that streams stay straight before bending away
  • Live update in the display upon changing settings

Towards a first release, the following will be added:

  • Saving and opening intersection data
  • Possibility for multiple intensity sets
  • Setting colors for streams
  • Proper label placement, and labels for street names etc.
  • Export the resulting image


A first release with the listed functionality is planned to be available middle of September 2017 (status 26th of May 2017).


Are you interested in the application InterView? Do not hestate to contact me to discuss the way you can use InterView to enhance your projects and reports.


Screenshots of the current version:

Configurable layout with live update

Set intensities; changes are reflected in the display immediately

13-06-2018, 4:13